Stomach bug went around my house, am I safe yet?

So this started when my friend came over the house to spend the night. The next morning, she was sick and threw up in a bathroom, so she stayed home from school and I still went. When I came home, I found out it was a stomach bug because she threw up 7 more times since in two different bathrooms... and slept in my bed, on the couch, and in the guest room. Her dad picked her up to go to urgent care, meanwhile I bought lysol spray to spray the living room where the couch is, and my dad cleaned one bathroom while my grandma cleaned the other. I also washed the sheets of the two bedrooms, and used the spray in both rooms. Bad news is, my grandma got sick the night after she cleaned one bathroom. She only threw up for one day, but she still feels a bit weak and had diarrhea today. The basement, where her bathroom is and where she stays hasn’t been cleaned very thoroughly.I’ve been using the wipes and spray as much as possible, and right now it has been 6 days since my friend originally got sick, and 5 since my grandma did. My dad and I haven’t yet, so my question is: Is it still possible for my dad and I to catch the bug?


This bug that's been going around works fast. 5 days out, you probably dodged this one.