Was this a lot of exposure to lead? (Please only answer if you are experienced on the subject)?

I am currently 23 years old and have a significant engineering background. When I was 13-14 years of age, I performed the dumb idea of getting a few (5-15) electronic components (resistors, switches, ect) out of an old VCR. Since I didn't have access to a soldering iron, I used a metallic file (Dumb? I know now). Anyway, from my memory, I believe I had done it in the garage, the metallic file creates larger particles so it wasn't in the air (for the most part), and since I was 14 and not 4 I didn't stick my hands in my mouth. My mother is a sterile type of cleaner so any traces of lead would have been gone from clothing and around the house within a week. Now I am materials/mechanical engineer that graduated top of his class, who has read enough MSDS to know that was an awful idea. I don't believe I exhibited any of the symptoms associated with lead poisoning, but do struggle with concentrating. I have always been the daydreamer type of person since elementary school. Please provide any feedback or thoughts (mostly to squash my anxiety on the memory) I believe the amount I was exposed to was negligible, but it is hard to determine with the conservative answers that online sources contribute to lead poisioning. Also with my age my BBB would have had a slower absorption rate compared to a toddler where a lot of medical research is conducted.


Your exposure was negligible. Especially as most of the solder is composed of tin: modern solders are contain even more tin and no lead at all. Billions of successful intelligent people worldwide grew up when leaded petrol/gasoline was in widespread usage: we inhaled vastly more lead than you’ll ever be exposed to. Your struggle with concentration is just you, either by nature or nurture.


WHAT lead? You weren't exposed to any lead when you were 13 or 14, and were filing on the parts of an old VCR in your garage. If you have a "significant engineering background", then I have a significant background in brain surgery. I'll be happy to take a look at your brain, and see if I can find anything significant in it.


You're mental. Roofers & plumbers work with lead every damned day. That wouldn't be the case if HANDLING lead were hazardous. For someone who professes to be *smart, you don't have the commonsense of a soap dish.


If you are as brilliant as you claim to be, then why are you asking for advice here and not researching for yourself online? Every genius knows you can find the answer to almost EVERYTHING with minimal effort since the launching of google. Are you sure you are as smart as you seem to believe? Just checking cause my kids have been googling their inquiries since they were 3.. They don’t even ask for help anymore. They just research for themselves.


no it wasn't


Virtually no exposure at all.