What could be causing my chronic diarrhea?

About 7 weeks ago, I woke up with a fever and I immediately had to go diarrhea. It was super watery so i assumed i may have just had the stomach flu. However the fever lasted for 4 days straight and so did the watery diarrhea. Every time I would eat anything, I would need to go diarrhea about 5-10 minutes after. After the first 4 days, the fever disappeared except for the diarrhea and ever since then the diarrhea had continued until last week when I noticed it's more solid but it's still diarrhea and I can also hold it in for about 2 hours but I have not had a normal bowel movement ever since. There is also mucus but no blood. I went to my doctor and he suspected C.diff so he made me do a stool test and the results were negative. Now he wants me to do more stool tests and now including a blood tests. He thinks I might have ulcerative colitis or Chron's disease. I just don't see what would cause it. I have been healthy my whole life (i'm 21), no health issues whatsoever. I just woke up one morning with this. How could this be? Anyone have any info? I'm really worried it's cancer. Please help!


Could be giardia, they have to do specific tests. or maybe an unusual virus or even a parasite. I'd be skeptical of Chrons...get some different tests. Also try coconut macaroon cookies( Archway is a brand) many people with mystery diarrhea say they help.


You could have post infectious irritable bowel syndrome. Obviously, you got sick from something--hence the fever. Sometimes it can take many months for your bowels to get back to normal.

Pearl L

nnaybe you should go see your doctor and get it checked out and then you'll know whats causing it

Serene E

What's new? New medication, new food, etc.

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detox the gut, then heal it......activated charcoal 5tbs, OR, liquid bentonite clay 1 shotglass is it THEN after an hour or so, plain unsweetened kefir to reintroduce probiotics in the gut, it will soothe and heal don't eat a lot, you can the next day......


recurrent norovirus , enterococcus virus , listeria , flavio , botulism , cryptosporidium , E coli , salmonella , ptomaine , etc .


Goto gp!