Can’t tell if the flu is making my period longer or if i’m literally just sh*tting out of my cooch?

so i know it’s dumb as heck to ask medical questions on here but i’m young and this is kinda embarrassing so i thought i might get some other people’s insight before doing anything else. so i’ve had the flu for a couple of days and it started right around when my period ended (when my period ends it’s just dry blood and tissue so it’s brown). now it’s mosty just diarrhea and i’ve been checking the toilet paper for blood and stuff, but when i wipe the back it looks exactly like when i wipe the front.. not sure if my vaginal canal is connected to my colon but it’s strange and it has never happened before when i had diarrhea. so i was just wondering if it’s making my period worse or what.


You need to visit your GP urgently if poo is coming out your vagina.


y’all never mind i’m just dumb as hell the flu is just making my period look weird

DR + Mrs Bears face

Hi sounds like you need to talk with an older woman