Greetings everyone. I think I'm experiencing a "pregnancy scare", but I would appreciate a second opinion, so please hear me out.?

So about 8 weeks ago, me and my boyfriend lost our virginity. We made love thrice on the week after my menstruation. On our second round, we've noticed there was a white liquid coming out of me, so of course we panicked, although after checking, we noticed his condom had no holes nor leaks (I later remembered that I have a normal white discharge and that we also used lube). I was on my 21 days pill (I started that month's pill on said week), and he also never ejaculated inside of me. What happened is that one week later, I started having strange symptoms, such as abdominal pain off period. My period came on its supposed day but it was lighter, the first day it was more pinkish than red. I remember that all we did of more dangerous was rubbing myself against his penis. I'm expecting my next period in 2 days, could the previous period be implantation bleeding and I am indeed pregnant, or is my anxiety tricking me?


P.S. - Whenever I completely forget about it, I have no symptoms whatsoever, although I am a really anxious person by nature.