How to fix swollen labia?

I’ve been humping for years, and because of that, I’ve always had a swollen vaginal lip. I’m in my teens and am heading off to college soon. I’m self conscious of my own genitals because of the swelling I’ve had for years. Does anyone have any tips and/or sure way of reducing the swelling? Please refrain from giving answers that would make me panic, I’m a fairly anxious person lol.


As Others Have Mentioned Before, You Need Professional Mental Help. In Your Thousand Or So Spammed Posts, It is Clear That You Are Way Off Balance.

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you need to see a professional, gyno-doc-specialist, not a bunch of rookies like us here......


Can you go 3 months without whining about this, that and the other? Can you?


Your masturbation habits have nothing to do with the configuration of your vulva. It changed because you went through puberty, that's all. While you *can* get this stuff surgically altered it's pretty much a waste of time and money, cause no1curr as much as you do about how your labia look.