Period questions?

I'm a 16 year old girl and basically my mom isn't around so I gotta turn to the internet and books for stuff on puberty since asking my dad is weird I've been having a period since I was 11 in grade 5. Here are my questions: Can birth control limit/stop periods? ( I get bad cramps and my period is super heavy and I hear it can help. ) Is it bad to leave in a tampon for up to 7 hours? I've been told by some that you can leave them in for up to 8 hours but some say you can only do it for 4. Does getting your period at an early age make you short? I hear if you get them Early it makes you stop growing. My biological mom get hers at 13 and she's 5'7. I got mine at 11 and haven't grown since grade 7. I'm 5'1. Is that why I'm so tiny? Or Will I grow more? Does a period make your boobs hard and hurt? Mine never hurt but for the past few weeks they feel hard and hurt. It feels like there's a hard painful lump in the middle of my boob. I've always been an A30 and have never grown in size. Most girls in my family are flat until they have kids and gain weight. Is it normal to be hungry all the time? On my period it feels like I'm never full. I always want food and get weird cravings.


No point in me answering, Tavy has it right, please give her best answer. My periods started when I was 11 and I'm 5'10" so no, early menarche doesn't make you short!


There are no periods on BC just a withdrawal bleed in the 4th week which is usually light. Here in the UK we leave tampons in overnight. TSS is extremely rare Early periods have nothing to do with growth Periods can make boobs sore Most women stuff chocolate on their period, it is to do with hormones. And Anon is wrong. here in the UK we only see a Gyne if there are problems. There are no checkups unless you go on the pill, and these are done by your family GP. Weight, and BP. That is all. UK

Felony Jayne

1) yes. Talk to your doctor for a prescription; 2) you can wear a tampon overnight or more than 8 hours, but it's not a good habit because you're holding old blood inside your body. Make sure you always use the right size, because if you wear a super on a light day it's hard and painful to get it out (it's too dry inside of you); 3) getting your period early does not, to my knowledge, make you short; 4) yes, periods make your boobs hurt and swell up, usually starting a few days before it comes; and 5) it's normal to get weird food cravings before and during your period. Especially sweet cravings.


You do know that the AMA, the WHO, and every medical organization in the world recommends that every woman in the world should see a gynecologist at age 16, right? For her first checkup.