When I feel like I’m orgasming in a dream, am I actually having a physical orgasm?

I understand this may be an odd question to ask, but I am very curious to understand what’s going on when I experience this. I am a female in my early twenties. Last night I had a very intense erotic dream, and I literally felt like I was experiencing a few orgasms. I was extremely aroused in the dream and experienced the actual sensation of orgasming. The odd thing is, when I woke up, I wasn’t wet at all. I just felt as if I had been aroused for a long time, like I was engorged. My question is, was I really experiencing an actual orgasm as I was dreaming or was it just in my mind?

Egyptian Musk

Yes, you had a physical orgasm. It's called a 'wet dream' which occurs when one has sexually arousing dreams.


guys have wet dreams,,,,,you had the girls equal


Could have actually had an orgasm while you were asleep. Happens to guys all the time