Is taking depo (birth control shot) and the pill (Portia) too much to take?

Portia is mainly targeting acne and helps period cramps and doesn’t really focus on pregnancy prevention, my mom doesn’t know that I need that. I originally got the shot to prevent against pregnancy next month would be my 3rd time getting it but recently my mom put me on Portia for my acne so for 2 months I was on both. I want to get another shot but I don’t know if that will start to cause me to get bad side effects.


Portia is an oral contraceptive, aka birth control. So yes, actually it does “focus on pregnancy prevention.” If you don’t know how birth control works, you probably shouldn’t be having sex. Either way, you should ask your doctor about taking both forms of birth control. (I assume you got the depo shot from one doctor and the Portia from another? Ask one of them.)

alan P

Portia is a classic birth control pill that will give a high level of protection against pregnancy if taken correctly. Because Depo is an injection every three months you don't have to remember to take it every day but if you are good at taking the pill then it will protect you against pregnancy very well although nothing is perfect. Depo can even have the effect of promoting acne. Where ever you are getting your depo from you should tell them that you are on the pill as well. It doesn't sound too bad to me but it's best not to take any more hormones than you need.


You may not think that portia is a birth control pill. People with brains, OTOH, do. If you are somehow misleading your doctor so that they don't know you are taking two forms of BC then that's fine but any side effects of overdosing on progesterone are on you.


Ask your doctor. it probably is too much because both contain similar hormones