Best way to clean my microwave?

It's already clean but I didn't stay at home for probs around 3 months & I just want to make sure it's good to use I've tried putting a cup of water in and microwaving it for 12 mins but I've got extreme OCD which means I'll literally throw food away if I don't feel confident it's entirely clean


Put two tablespoons of vinegar in one cup of water, in a two-cup container. Microwave for five minutes. Steam will collect all over the inside. When it's done, use clean paper towels to wipe out everything inside - walls, floor, ceiling, and inside of door.


Lemon juice in water, heat in microwave, steaming up. Then wipe it out.

Spock (rhp)

your microwave has been thoroughly steam cleaned

Mr. P

Put half a lemon in there for about 40 seconds or up to a minute. Then open it up, and use a clean cloth to wipe the insides dry. The steam will have citrus oils in it that are antibacterial and are safe to eat anyway unlike harsh cleaners.


Wipe it down with a damp rag