How do you get the smell of weed off your winter coat.?

I was riding with some friends and they smoked inside the car while we were driving. I didn't smoke any but now my coat smells like it bad :/ I went into work not thinking about it and my boss was mentioning to other people that I smelled like it. So now I'm worried I'm going to get fired for not even smoking. Plus I don't even know if my boss told my in-laws, which work at my ******* job and I also live with them! I'm just so ******* paranoid over the whole thing. How can I get the smell out of my coat???


Get new friends.


get away from your weed stressed pals,get your own place your own roost, stay away from bong & the heads who smoke it,build your life,workworkwork,put some pay in el banko every weeko in a few years you will have your own house,, make a room upstairs into when the kids grow up &move out,,you hope,, a mom or pop inlaw might need it when one or both get old & cranky


Wash it. Have it dry cleaned Air it out. Hang it outside for a couple of hours. Realize that if you were pulled over by a cop, you would be charged along with those people who were smoking weed.


wash it? Gentle cycle, cold water a dab of detergent. shake well and put into dryer on air fluff for a bit and then hang to dry.