Building with wood?

Im thinking of upgrading my laundry room myself what i want to do is build kinda cubby for my front loading washing machine and dryer that will also elevate themoff the ground and countertop over them, would plywood work? If so what kind would be best kind of wood and how thick should it be to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of a washing machine

Spock (rhp)

pls redesign this platform so that you have solid wood support under the washing machine -- all those gallons of water make it heavy. A couple of 4x4s with eight inches in between should do the trick. then standard 5/8 inch plywood covered with a hard floor covering material [so the washer's feet don't gouge the plywood] should do the trick. btw, you also have to have access to connect the hoses and power cord when doing this -- the usual way is reaching over the top ... you might look into a means of making the cabinets over the machine easily removable while still being strong and solid.


3/4 Baltic birch would work great if you plan on finishing it. You’ll want support under the plywood to prevent it from sagging when the washing machine is full of water.