Cleaning for a Jewish family?

I just started a new housekeeping job for a Jewish family who keeps their kitchen kosher. Do I need to use separate sponges to clean the meat/dairy part of the stove? Can I use towels to clean, or only paper towels? Can I use any cleaning solutions, or is there any I should steer clear from? Any advice would be helpful!

Pat Wooden

Click on the links below for some tips. If you have any questions or doubts, it's important to ask the homeowner.


You should be having this conversation with your customer. They will appreciate your desire to respect their beliefs and traditions.

heart o' gold

Yahoos are not going to give you good advice about this. If you are really doing this and not just trolling you can google and read. But I’m pretty sure you are trolling because keeping kosher isn’t easy and any kosher family would be interviewing you about your knowledge of such things prior to hire. It’s kind of a big deal.


THEY will tell you how they want it done. THEY will supply you with what they want you to use. THEY may not even let you into the kitchen to clean because they may not want to take the chance you will screw something up.


why don't you ask directly the client??

Girlie Electrics

ask your employer!