Help! I got water on my carpet!!?

I left my sink running on accident and I heard some leaking coming from my bathroom and there was a cm of water everywhere including the carpet outside my bathroom! I cleaned up all the water in the bathroom and soaked up a lot of the water that was on the carpet but it's still super damp, I have 2 space heaters on the carpet right now as well as a fan, what else could I do to speed up the process? I have a shampooer that I was going to use because it has powerful suction.


I'd just use a shop vac to vacuum up the water from the carpet. I've done so any number of times. A small one is 20 bucks.

Spock (rhp)

use the shampooer without any water in it to suck up as much water as possible. then do this a second time and even a third until you don't get very much water up. remove the space heaters while you do this -- you do not want to take any chances on an electrical fault in the space heater coming in contact with the water.


GA41 is right. Your best efforts may never get all the moisture out of the padding below the carpet. Depending on what the floor underneath is, you may ruin it. Apparently our house's previous owners had some major spill near the bathroom door, and the under-surface was oak, which is permanently stained black all the way down. If you absolutely cannot pull up the carpet, hire a carpet cleaning service. They have machines that suck more powerfully than anything you can rent, or accomplish with towels.


Its kind of drastic, but I would consider pulling up the carpet and pad. Try not to damage them when you pull them up. Hang them outside in the sun. Dry out the concrete underneath the carpet pad. The pad acts as a sponge, it will hold water and may mildew. They also have companies that will dry out water damage, they put fans circulating air as well. I used a company like this once, but they pulled up the carpet as part of the process.

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I'd just use a shop vac to vacuum up the water from the carpet. I've done so any number of times. A small one is 20 bucks.


Keep putting down dry towels, and walking on them, until the towels bring up no more moisture. THEN it will still take several days - up to two weeks - for the carpet and pad and plywood underlayment to dry out. Keep the room ventilated so it doesn't get stinky, and run fans. Good luck. It may take a dozen towels... or more. IT's worth a load or two of laundry to get the water up as fast as possible.