Getting the chemical stench out of upholstery?

I got my car detailed today and whatever they used absolutely REEKS of stale artificial cinnamon, so now my vehicle stinks like the potpourri man s butthole. I left the windows open the entire day and it s done very little to dissipate it.. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this disgusting stench?


White vinegar. Put it in a plant spray bottle and put it on mist and mist the material directly . Then walk away from the car for 3 hours. There still may be a vinegar smell but as it dries that will also go away. Vinegar will remove 6x's its weight in odors. and remove itself too. That includes beer, puke, dog poo, skunk cabbage. This odor will disappear too to NOTHING. Works great in the kitchen when you have a stove fire or you burnt cabbage. That really stinks. The smell is gone overnight. You spritz the ceiling walls cabinets stove top and the carpets on the floor as the smell is everywhere.


Lavender essential oil. Just a drop or two on a paper towel. It absorbs other odors. We got rid of a long-time bat infestation reeking smell in a building in just a couple of days using it. If they used the scented stuff on upholstery it make take more than one treatment.