I have an lg washing machine which stops mid cycle?

I have an lg washing machine which stops mid cycle but shows no error code i have to turn offf. The washing machine from the main Outlet wait for 5 mins and turn it back on sonit starts working again van anyone tell me what my problem is

Pat F85

Even though your machine shows no error code, the computer needs to be updated, to resolve this issue. You'll have to contact an LG authorized service tech, or make sure your local appliance service place has the right equipment to access the machines computer. Have the model & serial number ready when you call.


If you have a top loader, the door switch is likely failing. There is a magnet on the door and it could be corroded. You can "jury-rig" by placing a small magnet on the circuit board right where the magnet sits when the door is closed. Or order a new door with the magnet. No fix, the circuit board is likely bad or the motor is shorting and the overload protector switches the motor off. If your washer is direct drive with an inverter motor, the circuit board is likely bad.