If i busted a whole bottle of bleach in my bedroom carpet will i be ok to sleep in my room with the ac fan on without dying in my sleep?



You won't die, but your carpet has certainly had it.


Open a window as well and it won't cause you any problems but unless you washed it out of your carpet very quickly, you have ruined the carpet.


It will ruin the carpet. You will never get rid of the scent.


Not for days. Your carpet is ruined. Get it out of the house.


I wouldn't risk it, nor would I be able to tolerate breathing it, I like my clean fresh air.


If you still have a smell of chlorine, you need to take further actions. It is a potential health problem.


Yes you can sleep in the room. It smells like the laundry room. I would avoid the room until it is dried out. Sleep in the living room on the couch. Most carpet are polyester or rayon(plastic fibers) so bleach won't discolor it. or ruin it. You can use a pistol hair dryer or the blowing end of a vacuum cleaner to blow it dry . There is plywood or concrete under it so bleach will not affect that. Once the carpet is dry. Feel with your palm down deep. If it is cool it is still wet. The smell will linger. To get rid of that spray on a mist of white vinegar onto the carpet and allow that to dry as that will pick up the bleach smell and both the vinegar smell and the bleach smell will disappear.. If you have a cotton carpet then toss the carpet outside and let it dry out in the sun. Then mist white vinegar on it to take out the smell. The cotton carpet is suspect to be ruined by the bleach....it loses color and goes white. Handyman


soak up the bleach first. I personally would not sleep in there till the bleach is dry and by then, the smell will also be gone.


It will ruin the carpet. You will never get rid of the scent.


No, what the helll wuld you do that stupid thing for?