What's a way to make a room smell good naturally?

without using air fresheners. are there any natural fresheners to use???


Open the wndows and let some fresh air in.


Take an orange, stick about 20 cloves in it and hang it up.

Anna E

You can use a diffuser with essential oils, or get a small pan, boil some water in it and add dried spices like cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, citrus peels etc and simmer.


Plants, a variety. They clean the air.


You can use a diffuser with essential oils, or get a small pan, boil some water in it and add dried spices like cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, citrus peels etc and simmer.


There are many ways! You can get an essential oil diffuser, heat up cinnamon, or spray lavender.


be certain that no dead animals are causing el stinko wash walls with borax ( discontinued item in many stores,30 somethings singles & soyboys seem to like perfumy sweetsy smelly floral type soap scents mold & fungii sometimes smell as bad as maggot ridden dead animal, lysol spray,,fill an 8 oz bottle with a thumb size skinny neck with one or 2 minutes of spray,fill up with water,get a windex spray stem,a shop vac w concentrator set the machine on blow,yank the filter,or clean it out first get it really clean, aim the nozzle across the stem top,with a bit of opening for outside air to make a fine mist,,turn on the vac high pressure if it has a 2 stage motor,fill the room in every corner under furniture with the mist,,close the door, come back in 3 hrs repeat, if you have a sunlamp set it up let it run 3 hrs the paint that was used may have had mold in it when poured into a container,,this tmt will help on that account

Bubba Gubbins



Fresh air. We have mint growing in our back yard, I bring in and out in a vase. Very fragrant. Simmer spices on your stove or in a warmer.


deploy a wet dog in there.


I know that cat poop is a naturally smelling odor. The dog likes it.


Open the windows


I use herbs like lavender.


Get some fresh flowers and open the windows every day, they are the natural smell.


you may make a garden of flower around home and keep the windows opened to get freas air with good smell of flower.

Spock (rhp)

fresh pine boughs


You can take some whole spices--cloves, allspice and cinnamon sticks--and place them in a pot and let them simmer for a few minutes.


Don’t use the room.


Do cleaning, have NO animals in the home of any sort.

heart o' gold

Start by opening all the windows and doors and refreshing the air inside the house. Remove all garbage and trash, especially food garbage. If you have pets, clean the pet spaces / boxes / wash pet bedding. Vaccuum and or sweep the entire house. Launder or clean any window coverings. Vaccuum very well any upholstered furniture and wash all laundry. Clean all your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. If you have carpet (shudder) or area rugs vaccuum them really really well and consider a professional cleaning. All of the above is to remove odor causes. Then you can work on smell good stuff. I don’t like air fresheners, they usually give me headaches and many are actually toxic. I do like to burn incense and have some favorites. I especially like Nag Champa and it’s relatives and my favorite has always been Aloes Wood. Japanese incense is nice and light and right now I have a very nice, very light Lavendar incense a friend gave me. Flowers is a great way to make a room smell good. Another way to make the whole house smell good is to simmer herbs and spices over very low heat on the stove. Having living plants (healthy and well cared for ones) is a natural way to refresh air in rooms.


The only thing I can think of is that when you squish Citronella Ants, they smell like lemons. Or, if vinegar is more your thing, go kill some carpenter ant majors. But I doubt you want to bottle of a bunch of dead ants and spray it around the house, much less go to the work of finding those ants and squishing them.