Where to put TV in my apartment?

I am having a hard time figuring out where to face my 60-inch TV & couch in my living room. Picture attached. Ideas? **Apartment entrance is at the bottom


In the center of the back wall between the dining area and fireplace.

Common Sense

I do not like televisions over the fireplace, but you might. Otherwise, I would put it on the wall between the fireplace and the dining room. I would not put the television on the back of the bedroom wall because of the window glare.


Considering the best viewing distance for that size TV is 7.5-12.5 feet, my instinct is over the fireplace, if that's possible. Then the couch goes against that wall at the bottom. A full-motion wall mount is what I use. Pulls out, tilts, articulates wherever, then back against the wall. I'm seeing a sliding door on the east wall? No TV there, I assume. Last resort would be on whatever wall is at the bottom there opposite the fireplace. And the couch facing it, back towards the fireplace...but that ruins that view. Please tell me mounting over fireplace is possible. That would be great.

Pearl L

i would just put it wherever you want


You do not want to put it anywhere where the neighbors will hear it and file noise complaints.