Cost to replace current prefab shower/tub with tiled shower, shower pan, new glass door, all new fixtures, move location of shower head?



I agree with anonymous...just doing new fixtures is one thing but moving the shower head to a new location means replumbing the line to the new location and that is expensive. Take a trip to Menards with your list and look up JUST the cost of each prepared with measurements so you will know how much you need to spend on tile, how big the doors will be, etc. THAN add the cost of the plumber. A lot of money.


Call a contractor. Ballpark figure? A LOT of money.

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a lot more than it's worth.

Spock (rhp)

hiring this job done will cost several thousands. DIY, I'd budget $2,000. Those darn glass doors are expensive. If you are going to move the shower head, please consider replacing the valve piping as well -- you'd have to cap the tub outlet anyway and the current one is likely mounted too close to the floor for ease of use in a shower. I strongly suggest looking for a model with separate temperature and volume controls [two handles] -- this allows you to pre-set the temperature and have it stay set even when you turn the shower off [and back on later].

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The biggest cost will be the time used to clean the grout of mold and mildew