Home depot keeps getting my paint matched wrong, what should I do?

Home depot keeps getting my paint matched wrongly. It is either too light or too dark what should I do?


That is a function of the experience and abilities of the person mixing the paint, not the store. Women, in general, have a better sense of color than men and, when possible, I seek the help of women in paint departments when matching color. BTW: regarding the quality of the paint, I have used the "real paint" stores but the paint I get at Home Depot has been far better in terms of adhesion, longevity, and general quality. Of course no paint will be any good without good preparation.

Jimmy C

Take them a better or bigger sample to match. They have a sensor that will match a colour exactly nd a computer to tell exactly what the paint mix should be. If you are not sure, buy a small $5 sample tin that they can make up first. If that works, buy a gallon. If you give them a proper sample on a smooth flat surface, they can always match it exactly.


My step dad has been painting for at least forty years and he has always used Sherwin Williams. Oh ya, are you trying to match with faded paint?


Most general home center stores are not equipped to do delicate color matches; this is a skill that is not easily mastered and a simple "computer match" is insufficient. Go to a professional paint store with a representative sample; tell them whether the dominate light is sunlight or artificial and what type of artificial.


Go to Sherwin-Williams. Most of us know what we are doing and actually take the time to get the color match done right the first time!

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Doesn't the paint store mark on each can the proper formula to put these colors together? Go back to the store and share this and make sure they follow the formula of that shade of color....you wanted in the first place. good luck. Maybe new person and hasn't mixed colors very much?


go somewhere wlse

18 gibbs 20

Try Lowes


go somewhere else


Go to Sherwin Williams


I have had great luck at Home Depot this year matching batches o of Behr Ultra Premium Silver Drop paint in flat. I bought batch of several gallons 9 months apart and you cannot tell the difference when the pain dries (it is lighter when wet). I live in South Florida. It probably depends on the professionalism and staff at the store.


Go to a paint store.


Stay at the store until the the sample they come back with has fully dried and compare it to what you're trying to match then you should be able to tell if it'll match or not if they don't have it right tell them to do it again and again and again until they get it right it might just be the person behind the counter doesn't know what the hell they're doing and you might have to ask for somebody else I've had this problem a couple times


Go to a specialist paint store.


Go to a real paint store or try Lowes. House of Kolors is one.


Don't even TRY for an exact match. Buy enough paint to redo the ENTIRE room.


They just suck. Unfortunately, employers seem to prefer idiots like these. Did you tell the manager? Keep going higher until you can get this solved. Remember to keep your receipts.