What will happen??? i just flushed a antibiotics down the toilet? is it gona do somthing bad or no?


Anne Arkey

Unused drugs should be taken back to the pharmacy for proper disposal. Even though it is the sewer, drugs get into the water supply and can damage plants, animals, and are inappropriate for humans who don't need them. Not much you can do about it now, but in future take unused drugs to a pharmacy.


Too many drugs are getting flushed into the sewage system and ultimately out into the sea, where they can harm marine life, both animal and vegetable. Next time you have pills left over, take them back to the pharmacist and ask them to dispose of them.


It's gets into the eco system and is a bad idea. If you were prescribed antibiotics you should NOT have any left. Not finishing a course of meds is what is causing superbugs that can't be cured.


If you were supposed to take the pill as a treatment course, you have now messed up by getting rid of that pill.


... well...there goes the neighborhood.


Why did you have antibiotics left to flush in the first place?


They get into the ground water and water treatment facilities are not set up to remove


nothing is going to happen if your on a sewer system. if you have a septic system it could stop the septic system. if your on a septic system you don't want to flush any drugs.


You should get into your sewer line and try getting your antibiotic back out of there and then take it by mouth. You should always finish your antibiotics!


Lmao this brings up a time my mom flushed my phycotrophic drugs down the toilet she didn’t want me taking them cause they mad me crazy lol when I was in the hospital I did the same thing cause they alarmist took my life those drugs are poison


it depends on where your liquid waste goes to


im scared now