Our backyard has sunk in the last few years, and we live where there is water nearby. a small swamp like water spot.. my neighbors are affected but not as much as my house is. When there is heavy rain and if it's winter the ground is frozen and the water runs off fills up my yard and water goes through the cellar windows. We now are prepared for the next bad rain, with sandbags against the window , a barricade I've been told that fill is the answer. to build up the backyard.. How much fill would it take to fill an average size backyard. and I'm sure more then I want to spend. thanks


A landscaping business should be able to give you an estimate.

Mr. P

You may be able to move what you have got and create a pond at the far end of it, then push the dirt closer to your house to make a bank. The bottom bit will flood, but it will only be deeper water than normal. Ask some gardening contractors if they have any waste to dispose of - they can chuck it in your yard for free.


It will take an average number of average-sized bags. How the hell do you expect anyone to be able to answer this ? MEASURE the bloody yard.


you will need to do some math to figure out how much fill is needed clean dirt by me costs about $35 a cubic yard plus a delivery fee