Splitting a stump with a wedge and sledge hammer? (is it a easy thing to do if have the strength?)?

I have a stump that have been digging around and have it dug down good on all sides, but it still wont budge. I don't know what else could be holding it in the ground except tap roots underneath the stump. so at this stage would it make more sense to try and pull it out with a pick up truck and chain OR get a iron wedge and try to break /split the stump in half vertically? (and even if I could do this, what is that going to allow?) can explain? you mean a stump grinder? if I want to plant another tree in EXACT same spot ....will I be able to grind down enough to eliminate stump and its tap roots completely? thanks so i can plant new tree right on top of grinded area of stump as long as I sever major roots from it and I guess the stump will rot completely in a few years? maybe put some phosphoric acid around it? or will hurt new tree too?


Not at all easy. A self sown tree has a long tap root that will hold it in place. Forces on mature trees are huge so the stump is correspondingly well-anchored. You can hire grubbing out machines that will get rid of the stump. Or you can kill it with Epsom Salts (for which google). You can replant on grubbed out (stump grinder if you prefer) land but you need to have the major roots taken out as well. When you cut them off from the stump they will be killed, but you need to created some space for your new roots.


Hire a mini excavator and continue to dig deep around the stump. Then use the excavator to lift and pull the stump out. You can't split a tree stump.