What is this plant and can it grow under hot humid sun? (35 degrees celsius or so around 10 am-3 pm)?

http://i66.tinypic.com/2zqt1u0.jpg Basically see the leaves on the left tuft is all gone. Might be because it can't handle mid-day heat in that position of the garden (with no shade). But I dunno if it might be something else. And if it is then moving it would be a lot of effort and shame without fixing the problem.


Near as I can tell... looks like an ash tree, or an elm, maybe a hackberry. Doesn't look like a bush, looks like a tree that someone cut down, and then did weird things to the sprouts that grew from the original stump. Alternatively... maybe a ficus. I'd leave it where it is... Maybe cut down the stalk that bothers you. Did you plant this thing?


ficus no, it's an indoor plant


A photo would help answer this question!!