Who would I report a falling tree too, if not in my property.?

I live in a small residential housing development and there is a near dead 60ft! Oak tree growing in a small space between the sidewalk and the street. The sidewalk slats around it are crack and up rooted due to the tree leaning torwards my house. There always used to be an older couple living there. I never wanted to be a bother, so I never said anything. Within the passed year a renovator baught the house, did some work and now has put it back on the market. I’ve already spoken to the current owner (home renovator) about it and was basically told to f*** off. Anyone know who the proper authorities would be to notify this too? Public works, civil court? Has anyone out there gone through something like this before and has some advice?

don r

Department of public works in your city.

Karen L

Call your local government offices and ask there.


Call your city's public works department.


Usually the strip between the street and sidewalk are part of the public right of way. Usually the public right of way is much wider than you would expect, it is not uncommon for it to be 60' wide. Call the city.

Anna E

The tree is actually growing on the city easment. Contact the city or town you live in and report a dead, leaning tree that is damaging the side walk. Let them know you have contacted the property owner and were told to F off.


if the tree is on the street side of the sidewalk, it belongs to the city or county, not the home owner.


Between the sidewalk and street? Trees there are usually own by the town or city you live in. Go to your town hall. They are responsible for public sidewalks. I would take photos and document when and where you talk to the neighbors and what was said. Also call. your home owners insurance. Make sure you are not responsible if the tree falls or for the damage the rooots cause. They may be able to tell you the best way to handle it

Spock (rhp)

whose land is the tree on? if its on the renovator's land, you can sue him in the usual court for permitting a danger to your property [your house if its that close]. be sure to file in land records a notice of the action so the title gets clouded -- since he can't transfer title without handling the case, i guarantee you'll get quick action from him. might want an attorney for this -- forms have to be exactly correct or your case may be tossed out of court