What plant is straw from?



It’s the stalks of grains after the grain has been removed. Like rye, rice, barley, oats, and wheat.

Ed Harley

You mean the bales you can buy from farm stores? It's from grain crops, like wheat.

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usually wheat. I got some oat straw last year for mulch and had oats growing all over my garden. The critters liked it; mice, voles, ground squirrels and birds were delighted.

Kt Skycat

"Straw" is actually the stems of grass plants, and can come from a variety of different grasses. The most common stems used for "straw" as in hay bales for craft and garden use is usually wheat grass stems. Wheat, as grown in the states of Kansas, South Dakota, Minnesota, and parts of Nebraska, once the seeds of the wheat are chopped off to process into flour, the remaining grass stems are collected and baled as wheat straw to feed the cows. So wheat grass would be the primary source of common "straw".


It's a type of grass.


Mostly rye.


pine trees


A Strawberry plant.


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