Attic moisture/ventilation problem?

Recently, we noticed a spot that looked like mold in our upstairs bathroom. When checking in the attic, we noticed a bunch of frost up there. We’ve had several people come out to tell us what’s wrong and they all say different answers. So, this has raised other questions. 1. We have soffit vents along with a ridge vent, should we also have gable vents? I looked it up and it said no but that’s what one of the workers said. 2. Can moisture from a crawl space make it up to our attic? (Two story house no basement) Not sure if it matters or not, but we got our roof done 9 years ago.

Spock (rhp)

1. no. existing vents are enough 2. much more likely is that you have a leak in the roof. It needs to be carefully checked from outside for damage and from the attic for missing knots or other access points

boy boy

im a builder in uk ...come across this problem many times in your attic im sure you have insulation ..the insulation should stop at ceiling edge ..leaving the soffitts clearly seen ..never push insulation up to the rafters ...your bathroom should have an extractor fan ..and if any damp leave the door open when not in used


moisture can not make it to the attic...that is ridiculous..but if its moist in both places then both have exposed areas to the outside..