If accidently hit a gas line at my Mom's house digging up tree stumps, who will be responsible for the bill to fix it and how much money?

and how soon? I was digging up some tree stumps for my Mom and had dug down far enough to hit the gas line when using a pick axe to sever roots and hit a gas line. the police and fire department came out after I called them and then the gas company showed up and brought a bull dozer type of thing with them and dug out the stump that the gas line was under and repaired it and the guy told me that whoever cut it would be expected to pay for it. I gave my name and phone number to the police and the gas company guy told me that I would probably be hearing from the gas company soon about payment. is this true? what advice can give me and this is very first time I have ever hit the gas line and I was told that I should have called about marking the gas line first. what can advise? how much money I am going to be expected to pay and what if I cant pay it?


You (or the homeowner) will be responsible for the repair costs. As you were acting for the homeowner, see if the homeowner's insurance will help cover the costs.


C'mon dude... Man up and admit your mistakes. Next time, call 811 BEFORE you dig anything deeper than a flower bed.


U and your mom U suppose to call before u dig


YOU are liable. The cost can't be determined based on what you say here. Note: Even if you have the lines marked, you are still responsible for paying attention to what you are digging up. Unless they marked the lines at least 2 feet from where you were digging, you don't have a winnable case. After the fact, the ONLY meaningful advice is try to negotiate a payment plan, and be grateful you haven't been charged for digging without having the utilities marked. That is actually a CRIME in may areas.


you. unless you have the utility companies mark where lines are and they are wrong

Pat Wooden

Your mom needs to contact here homeowner's insurance company and ask if they cover this.


You dug down 4 feet? Tree roots do not go that deep nor do gas companies ever place a line near a tree. They don't do that for the reason that happened to you. So am calling FAKE NEWS on your story.


Yes, they will send you a bill. "Call before you dig" only provides minimal relief. In my State you are still liable for repairs for marked and unmarked utilities, it only relieves of additional criminal charges if you hit a line that isn't marked. Most of the time if no injury or other damage to other property doesn't occur home owners aren't criminally charged.


Your mom because you do not have any money and she wont be very happy. It could be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. Make SURE to know where lines are BEFORE digging.


You. There are plenty of warnings that you should always call first to find out where gas lines and the lines are buried before digging.

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You will. Or more likely your mom because you were digging on her property.


you will because you are suppose to call the gas company and have them show you where you cannot dig.


you and your mom are responsible. you will get a bill from your plumber or the gas company, whoever you get to come out and fix it,


They not a only can send you a bill which you are responsible to pay. But if you did not contact dig safe or whatever that program is called. You can also be hit with fines and such.


I accidentally ripped up my own water line. Guess who has to pay for it? Guess who has to do all the digging and repair by himself. Guess who is going to try to be more careful in future but will still make stupid blunders. Maybe you can get an extra job delivering pizza to pay for what you owe. Be careful not to hit any sneaky lamp posts or fire hydrants as you deliver those pizzas.


I am sure the shovel will be guilty, take it to court.