GE fridge less than 3 years old making vibrating sound?

I cleaned the fan and noise went away. But now it s back again and not going away. Any recommendations on what I can do or what might be wrong. Thank you for your help


Check if your fridge is level.


Sometimes there is nothing wrong. We got a noisy one and it is going on 50 years old and still works fine. Some are just noisy. As it has no other problem then noise, I am leaving it alone.


See if the fan blade is scraping on something


3 year old fridge, mine was three years old too, when the evaporator started leaking. Seems to be an issue in fridges made over the last decade or so, the aluminum used is so cheap that they actually corrode. This can lead to freezing before they die completely. The ice build up is hit by the fan, causes a vibration sound. Due to the ice, there is restricted air flow which then allows liquid refrigerant to make it back to the compressor, which also makes a vibration sound. There is also another issue with many of the modern fridges, the drains were not properly designed, which also leads to ice build up, and all that is associated with it. Your first step is to clean the condenser coils under the fridge, then locate the evaporator and check for ice build up. Lots of video's and such out there for this issue. Might want to take a peek before you call a service tech, that will be about $400.00 bucks just for the visit. On a good note, GE unlike whirlpool, has not altered their internal system warranty as of yet. Whirlpool has changed it from 5 years to one due to this issue.

Spock (rhp)

check for ice in the internal fans