How deep pvc pipes has to be on a water sprinkler to prevnt from frezing?



below the 'frost' line for your area .........................................


If you don't plan on draining them each fall, the water pipes need to be below the frost line for your location. The frost line varies by region, in some northern areas it can be up to 60 inches. Here's a map showing the frost depth for the US. If you're in another country, you'll have to use google.


The frost line is different for different locations. Call the planning dept for your county government and ask them what the frost line is for your area. Then dig until you are below the frost line for your area.

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depends on you location in Texas and how deep the freeze/ frost line goes down. Normally in Texas a good rule of thumb wold be 8 inchs everywhere but keep in mind it also depends on how high above ground your lines go, the type of sprinkler heads and controls you use. Back Flow devices, pressure releases etc.. also do not use the cheap crap paper thin pvc. USE SCH 40 pvc.


that depends on how cold it gets where you are.. you won't be watering anything if it's freezing. sprinkler line aren't more than 8 inches deep.


If installed correctly they drain automatically each and every time the system turns off. No worry about freezing.


As another pointed out, draining the system each year mitigates the frost line question.


18 inches most places, where I lived any in cold country

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They should be about 6 to 8 inches deep. The pipe can freeze, but they won't contain any water if you design, install and maintain the system properly, so that's not an issue. A neighbor's house in the Seattle area had a system installed with 6-inch depth, two drains and an air-inlet for "blowing them out" for the winter. Not a problem.


I live in TX, which is generally pretty warm in the winter; however, one year we had subzero temperatures, and our pipes that were 6' below the ground froze and split. These were the pipes to the house and not sprinkler pipes.

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Depends partly on expected winter ground temperatures where you are, and on any local building regulations.


About 6", unless you live in some place like the Yukon or Alaska. But they generally don't have underground sprinklers. Oh, by the way, I grew up with them, and in the winter, we drained the pipes, but of course you have read all about this. Right? RIGHT?


Call City Hall and they will transfer you to the knowledgeable people who know because city lays sprinkler lines and water lines. What they say goes for your you have NO PROBLEMS. 4 feet is usually sufficient as the earth is warm so never gets below freezing (unless you live in Antarctica. But you say Texax which is nearer to the equator so hell, even 3 feet down is low enough. 6 feet down, it split because of the weight of the rocks on top of it. Sprinklers you are suppose to blow out each fall so it is full of air, or nothing to freeze.

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depends on where you are, doesn't it? what you do in frozen lands is provide a drain at the lowest point and then winterize by turning off the supply and opening the drain


Depends on where you live, ask the county or city planning department.


In the UK it's 18",


Your all wrong. I am a master plumber. The minimum debt is 18 feet for a sprinkler line.