Light switch fader question?

OK...I blew my fan light switch fader when trying to replace a light socket that was bad and the bad connection was a result of me attempting to just fix the socket and slide the wires back in the fixture without taking it off. Next thing the fader starts going dim then smell burnt electricity and fried more fan lights. Next day I buy a new fader switch. Next to the switch is a hallway light and outside flood lights on the same panel. Well the old fader switch only had two black wires and this replacement has 4 wires, a black, green and two reds? I tried to watch countless videos and couldn't figure out how to wire it? I got the lead wire is black, connected that and grounded the green to the light switch screw on the bottom and then tried using the red wire "traveler wire" to the top screw on the same hallway switch and worked however now the fan lights have to come on only when the hallway light comes on. If I only had two wires to begin with, where does this red wire go? I was thinking to wire it with the black wire lead but I am afraid it will burn up? Thoughts?


it should be 3 must be extra in case you had 2 switches for the same light

Spock (rhp)

get a multimeter and TEST the new switch/fader so you know what it does. [or read the instructions that came with it] then look for instructions for your fan. and stop guessing as to what to do in the box there -- the only reason it will only go on when the hallway light is on is because you're connecting it to the wrong thing