Ways to cool down the temperature in a room with no windows?

Obviously I can't use a window ac and a fan won't work either for the entire room temperature. I need ways to lower the actual degree temp without using the HVAC system


The laws of physics will tell you it is not possible. In thermodynamics, there is something called "entropy". "Work" is required to lower the temperature of a "system". You can put two or three tons of ice.

Spock (rhp)

what air flow arrangement does the room have? the incoming air flow seems like a target for cooling, but without more info, can't suggest anything

Karen L

Bring in a few hundred pounds of ice. Make sure it's contained so you donrt end up with gallons of water all over the floor as it melts. Unless it's cooler outside and you can just open a window.

heart o' gold

A fan will help with air circulation and make the room “feel” cooler.


You will have to import some cold. You will not be able to put anything in the room because the electric motor will generate heat to increase the temperature. And the relative humidity will be a problem. Cut a couple of holes in the ceiling and use one for air in and the other for air out. Run some duct work to an a/c blower. If you are talking about a closet, run the inlet to the ceiling and put in a door with louvers in it instead of a regular door that would block the air floor. Closet doors with louvers look much better than regular doors.


your not really explaining what kind of room it is and why you need the temperature down get rid of anything that may bring heat and yes fans do work it blows cold air you must be dumb