What are some ways individuals can save energy?



I don't, I Make the power meter SPIN, and my vehicle gets 3-5 Miles per Gal. & billows diesel smoke like the "Ol 97" There's a fire in my fireplace 24/7 365, I leave my water running until all the hot water is gone,and to save on groceries I kill what I can for food. IE: Little Bambi MUST die, so my dogs and I can eat well. I HATE wind generators , they Kill the Eagles, Falcons etc. BUT it does supply me with lots of Feathers to make my own clothes with. SOOO if you see a 6 ' 300 Lb. man running in the woods dressed all in Feathers, it me. PETA and all the other Poof groups FEARme.


months before peak energy use time,like winter,spend 60 bucks on making sure windows insulate old wood putty & sash windows up & down type, window tracks,sash edges,,make sure all are tight,& snug,, pliant putty means inside is quieter, warm when cold outside..no drafts,door jambs to outside likewise,,make sure they are snug tight & no drafts,,place rolled towels snugly along door bottoms. turn down heat,adjusting burners so they have a lower flame level. car motor ought to be tuned & use lower visc oil that flows better in cold, high visc when it is hot outside, buy some plumbers candles ,or oil lamps for inside lighting,


Turn off stuff when not in use. Adjust the thermostat and wear more or less clothes to compensate. Get a insulating blanket for your hot water heater.


Sitting quietly in a recliner saves your energy

Rick B

adjust the thermostat. Turn off lights. Turn off appliances.


Turn your AC and or heat down Walk or ride a bike whenever possible as opposed to driving or taking any motorized method. Buy local goods which reduces shipping costs. Turn your water heater down. Grow and eat your own food.


Stop pampering yourself and faithfully turn stuff off when not in use.


Turn your heat up, and your lights on. A warm house will keep you out of the hospital by keeping you healthy, and lights will ward off depression so that you need not drive to the psychiatrist's office.

Pearl L

by not spending all their energy