Who pays for the water meter?

Me and my fiancee looked at a mobile home, we noticed the water meter was gone, we don't know if the previous took it or the water company came out and took it so I was wondering who pays for the water meter because we're really interested in the mobile home.


The water meter belongs to the whomever is providing water for the residence. I would think the water company would install a new one for you without any charge. Call them and see what they say.


Once you purchase, the mobile home, and have the utilities turned on - the water company will bring you a meter.

John Alden

Water company owns it.


That’s a good question. I suppose you’ve already ask the water department, and they didn’t have an answer. Oh, you haven’t checked with them? You thought someone here would know more than the people that installs meters?

Spock (rhp)

the water utility if it's a regulated utility. but if it's a mh community utility, you do


If there is no water meter on the house now, I'm guessing that the house is vacant. When the water service was shut off, the water company removed the meter. Call the water company that provides service to the house and ask them what needs to be done to turn on service. There may be a connection fee which pays for a technician to come out and put a new meter on. The meter itself usually remains the property of the water company so you wouldn't pay for the meter, per se, just the connection fee for the guy to come install it.


it should be very easy to find out which water company supplies the water to the home. call them and find out if they pulled it and if you would have to pay to put it back in. i had to pay to have a water meter installed at a new build and it was $900. these are those new ones that send the info to the utility. no more meter readers.


Water meter should be like an electric meter. Whoever supplies that utility should install a meter.


It is owned by the people that sell the water. So if you are new buyers they cannot pose the past bill onto you because you did not use their water. And they want you for a customer. So they eat the cost and put in a new meter if you desire water service from them. It is part of the package. You are renting the use of the meter. Kind of like a parking meter. You are renting the space...by plugging in the coins. The meter is never yours. Homeowner on a water system. (so am metered) also had to abide by sprinkler restrictions. My brother had a well so never needed a meter or their services. He was supplied independently to himself as his well was his.He could water every day if he wanted to.

Anna E

If the water company has taken the meter, it is because the previous tenant probably was turning it on illegally. So there might be a large past due water bill on the trailer. You may have to pay this bill to get the water turned on and the meter replaced. If the mobile home is in a trailer park, the manager should know what is going on, so ask him. If it is just sitting on some land, I would call the water company that serves the area and give them the address and find out what is going on.


You tell the seller to install one.


You mean who should pay to replace the actual meter? Not you unless you agree to it in a sale contract.