1910 Franklin sewing machine and built in table,owners manual and needles. All original electric?


Common Sense

I refurbished a vintage sewing machine and used the below web site to order parts. As far as the needles go, the way the machine's threading mechanism is set up will determine if the needle is front threaded or side threaded. You can usually tell by the very last thread guide closest to the needle to determine the direction of the threading. Most straight stitch and zig zag stitch machines will take a needle that is flattened on one side of the shank; which only fits into the slot one way, the right way. So, chances are that your machine will only accept a needle the correct way. But, if it's a model that was made before one side of the round needle shank was flattened, you will have to rely on the thread guides to get a clue how to position the needle.


No. Manual only if the year is 1910.

Joan H

No. They were not electrical, but peddle powered. I'm old enough to remember m mother having one of them.