Does anyone here kill spiders and other bugs? If so, do you have any ways of justifying it?...?

...Or do you just accept that you might be being cruel?


I kill spiders and insects inside my house, because it's my home, not theirs. If they are outside, where they belong, I leave them alone.


centipedes I leavem they eat bugs spideys ditto daddy long legs,,leave them too they all love to tear at fly carcasses


I don't kill them if I can help it. You never know how karma is going to catch up with you ...


I do not have to justify it. I just kill them and move on.


Insects are pests when in my house! They annoy me THAT is how I justify it.

The Oracle of Omigod

Let me guess - you are a vegan. Some spiders can kill humans and they don't feel bad at all about doing it.


I kill them all, and it doesn't bother me a bit.


I thoroughly enjoy killing bugs. They are also full of protein.


i kill some bugs, others i escort outside, some i leave alone