Has my domestic oil run out?

When I moved in a couple of years ago there was 14 inches in there and that lasted a couple if weeks. Today I have come home to very cold house but there is 17.5 inches in there. I don't want to call engineer if it has run out. Is there any way of telling as it does not have sight guage


At the burner, disconnect the oil line and see if it comes out. When was the last time you had the burner serviced? Those feeds have screens/filters in them that should be replaced yearly. They can get blocked up with sludge and such. Some, back in the 70's/80's actually had two screens in them and both needed to be replaced. Often techs would only replace one, many didn't realize there were two.


take the cap off and put a yard stick down the hole to the bottom of the tank. when you pull the stick out it will be wet and show you how many inches of oil are in the tank. how are you telling what's in there now? if you have 17.5 inches it's not out.


If you're talking about heating oil in a tank, it will not draw all the way to the bottom. That's why you need to have it filled on a regular basis. Check and see where the oil line comes out. If it's more than more than 11 inches high, you have to get fuel.