Can ants live in a refrigerator?

I live in Hawaii and my landlord installed a like-new refrigerator. It was super clean, stainless steal however, I started noticing large red carpenter ants shortly after it was installed. Since then, the ants have gotten out of control and they are difficult to manage. Is it possible the ants were inside/under the refrigerator itself when it was installed or is it a coincidence?


The ants are likely under the fridge. Call a pest control company or set out poisons yourself. You should tell your landlord you have an ant infestation, especially if they're carpenter ants.


It is possible,

Spock (rhp)

yes, it is possible they were under the refrigerator when new. or inside the back. the solution is to bug bomb the place.


they probably live underneath THE fridge as it is warm


Call a pest control company. It is possible that the ants were nested in the fridge before installation. You can take the loss and buy a new fridge yourself.