How would you shovel snow if it was predicted to be over 12 inches deep and didn't have a snow blower?

1) Go out and shovel every few inches. 2) Wait until it was over and do it once.


Here in Kansas it usually blows like crazy when it snows. Might as well wait it out.


age 69 now,5 years ago heavvvyyyy chgo snow,,house has a ft garden area nother bldg 30 feet in ft on the same lot,a gangway bldg on either side,,snow started friday,heavy snow fell till tuesday,opened frt door,the stuff was at waste/mid door level,, shoveled from the top down to the cement,,,2 linear feet at a time,,rest a few minutes,back to it,I kept at it till a path was made a couple ft wide out to the street & tall iron gate,rested for a day,everyone else was worse off,almost no one wanted to mess with it,heaviest snow since the 67 snowzzard here. a light strong shovel helps which a coal shovel is not,wood handled green tough plastic scoop from home depot,I eventually wore it down to a 6 in wide nub,,,it got done, you scoop from the top first,,bend only the legs as much as you can,,switch arms to even out muscle stress,,drink coffee & shaddup


not everyone has a snow blower, we use shovels......a foot of snow is not really that bad to shovel


A foot of snow isn’t much. I would wait until it was done snowing and then shovel everything at once. If several feet were expected, I would shovel every foot or so.

Nuff Sed

Shovel snow. The deeper it is, and more dense, the more shovels-full it will take. Just pace yourself and you can eventually shovel out a path or driveway that has 3 ft of new snow. I just did a path through 30-inch drifts that took four shovel loads for each 20 inches of forward progress. It also had "wind pack" from the 40 mph hour winds, so that also had to be pulverized to release the snow. Haven't used my snow blower in about 6 years.

Common Sense

For starters; If you have a driveway, park your car facing the road at the end of your driveway so you do not have a lot to shovel your way out of the driveway. If the snow is light, I typically go out every 45 minutes or so and sweep my walkway and driveway. If the snow is heavier, I shovel every 45 minutes. It helps if you drink some wine because when a little tipsy, we have super human powers and we can do anything!! LOL.


I always go out and shovel after a few inches. Its easier on my back


Even with my old snow blower, I'll be going out halfway through a big storm. As for shoveling, I prefer one of those scoop type shovels that you can push with. Multiple sessions pushing a few inches is far easier than shoveling (lifting and throwing) 12" at a time.

18 gibbs 20

I usually try to cut the work in half.


Really would depend on the type of snow. If it was wet snow you better plan to shovel every few inches. If it is fluffy snow I'd still suggest going out after a few inches just to make it easier(could wait for like 5-6 inches and only really plan to do it twice over like 2-3 inches of wet snow).


My daughter had to shovel snow even while it was snowing so that she could drive to work when we lived in Minnesota. It would take her a long time.