How to get rust out of a refrigerator?

My daughter put some cans of soup in the fridge without me knowing and I found them today. They have rusted from the moisture and have left two rusty rings in my fridge floor. Anyone know how I can get rid of it?


It may be permanent. But it's worth trying a paste of bicarbonate of soda aka baking powder. This stuff left to soak will remove most stains. Gently scrub after a few hours.


try coke or CLR


An abrasive cleanser with bleach , like Comet or Ajax. Let a paste of it sit on the stains for a while, then scrub.


SOS pads, coke cola or CLR.

Common Sense

Don't use sandpaper or a brillo pad type cleaning pad because either will scratch the plastic fridge and forever be a spot that will not wipe clean easily due to the abrasives wearing out the finish. Instead, use a Magic Eraser and some elbow grease. Or a natural cleaner, like lemon, vinegar, salt and or baking soda.


Ajax or Comet cleanser. It is used on pots and pans. It will get it out with elbow grease. Fridge needs to be colder as Antarctica is all desert so nothing rusts because there is no liquid rain.


Wash more and more


Mix the dishwashing agent with warm water to make a soap mixture, use a sponge, carefully clean the rusted area, remove any thin slices.


Sand , clean, prime and paint over the area.


Wd 40

18 gibbs 20

Product called CLR can remove rust stains.

Ghost Of Christmas Past

Coca-cola usually removes rust (it contains phosphoric acid). Otherwise use white vinegar. If neither works, spinkle salt on the rust patches, add a little vinegar to make a paste and scrub with a clean cloth. When you have finished, wash everything out well then wipe over the floor with a damp cloth with a little baking soda on it.


A little salt and lemon juice or vinegar and water

Karen L

Magic eraser

Marc: Rust Stain Removal

Rust Stain Removal: Plastic Step 1 - Wash. The first thing you will want to do is wash your plastic as usual. ... Step 2 - Baking Soda and Vinegar. Apply baking soda to the rust spot, covering it entirely. ... Step 3 - Spread Evenly. Take the paste, and spread it thick and evenly across the entire rust stain. ... Step 4 - Scrub. ... Step 5 - Rinse and Wash It may be impossible as rust seems to "burn" onto surfaces. If the above won't do it, try 400 sandpaper and "grind" it off. You really may have to abrade (wear) it away. As a child, I ruined a glass test tube by storing iron filings inside. They rusted and etched INTO the glass.