How to report and get rid of skunk odor?

And how to find and track down its source like probably a road killed?


Call animal control and use tomato sauce

Spock (rhp)

government is not responsible for the odor and will take no action to "get rid" of it. As to tracking it down ... your nose is your guide. Some governments will remove dead animals in the road ... for that, please call the road maintenance people or garbage department, explain why you're calling, and let them transfer you to the folk who do that chore.


Try hydrogen peroxide. It's good at cleaning Nasty stuff.


Get a polecat so it outsmells the skunk odor.


Call animal control and use tomato sauce


good luck with that. WHO would you report a smell to??? Skunk smell is very powerful and can be miles away from where you are, carried on the wind. Or on the wheels and undercarriage of a car that hit one that is in your neighborhood. Skunk spray is oily and sticks to surfaces like glue. There is no way to get rid of the smell unless you are at the source and to find the source can be very difficult.