How to stay safe home alone?

My mom just took off to another country and she'll be gone for quite a while. I'm 17 and I have no other family members or friends near me so I'll be living on my own for quite a while... Problem is that I'm very scared of someone breaking in. It's happened 2 times before, and also to the neighbors beside my house.. What I've done is put out a "Warning for the dog" sign on the door (I have no dog) and I got many lights on. Is there anything more I can do to make me less worried of intruders? I got no money so I cant buy stuff


Make sure all doors and windows are locked. Keep tvs on in multiple rooms so it seems like more people are home. Have friends come stay with you, and sleep over. Keep curtains closed. Stay alert, but don't make yourself paranoid and anxious. Its possible for a break in, but not likely. tell your neighbors to keep a look out for you, too. play youtube videos of large loud dogs barking if you think you hear someone trying to get in. keep your phone with you AT ALL TIMES. keep knives or other weapons close. I think youll be fine. Good luck!

Aussie Devil

leave a front light on and lock front and back door