Protecting wood?

hi I wanna know the main ways of protecting wood against surranding enviroment, like moisture, woodworms, termites... from my knowledge drying wood in stove (some kind of baking it) or using protective resin works best. any other ideas?

Richard D

There is a way to preserve wood by burning the exterior and wire brushing it. A lot of trouble of course.

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heat treating is to kill any bugs and their larvae that may have lived in the tree prior to it being felled wood is a hydroscopic material and drying the wood is done because wood will shrink as the moisture content drops, it mostly does this across the grain different woods would require different treatment for a particular given environment depending on its intended environment some woods will need no additional treatment where other woods will

Ed Harley

Varnish such as spar urethane exterior stain exterior paint wipe on oils, such as teak oil, tung oil wipe on waxes


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