Would a trail camera pick up something small like a bat or mouse in an attic?

We keep hearing rustling in the attic, we have mouse poison and have had 2 pest control guys look at it, 1 guy thought he saw bat droppings and the other guy said no way its bats but saw a lot of mouse tunneling. Just wondering if a hunting trail cam with night vision could be useful in figuring out what we are dealing with


I have had my trail camera take pictures of moths at night . They were very close to the camera and had no pictures of moths over 2 feet away . Rat traps will catch mice and rats but bats would probably be safe . Rustling would probably be rats or squirrels . Bats fly around and land but don't rustle around .

Jerry S

set some traps, tie bacon to the trap so the mice cannot yank it away.

John Alden

Set some traps with peanut butter around the perimeters and if it's mice, you will find out soon enough.