How come I am not considered Anglo-Saxon?

Some idiots say to me:"You're not an Anglo-Saxon they vanished 1000 years ago." My race wasn't completely eradicated by the Normans(who were also Nordic/Danish descent..) But rather mixed with them. The Saxons are also from Denmark and Germany so we are Nordic/Scandinavian. Which some whack-jobs also deny. I am English, German and Danish. I am a Super-Saxon!


Anglo-Saxon isn't a pure population group to start with. It's a mix, and your choosing to claim the Saxon component. There's also a Roman Latin component that's very clearly seen in history and you've ignored it. Example - Brutus, the fist king of the Britons. Or King Arthur who fought against the Saxons.


You are most probably an American moron. The English, the Germans and the Danes are much more than just Anglo-Saxon. Please, go study some History Such a strange obsession you got there. Grow up.


Cuz you suck


Do you speak german and danish as well?


I am not sure

Green Brick

Ok, that's nice.


Anglo Saxon meaning a mixture of the native English and the Germans


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