Only americans want war against iran and syria and only they wanted war agaibst saddam an us ally in past?

lanj you smell so bad and jepper he was an us ally that killed the commies and I proved you rthat was helped by reagan he had some soviets arms eacuse bin laden won war against ussr bin laden hated ussr and al qaeda helped saddam during thw war tugh if saddam hated bin laden

Joe C

hate saddam syria iran iraq, hate this country so that hate is so much. Or so says Google Translate.


because Iranian people always confront US,and want to turn nuclear energy into nuclear weapons ,so american want to wage war on Iran ,but iran is not a force to be reckoned with ,their revolutionary guard boasts many kinds of medium-range missile ,posing serious threat to american troops which is stationed in the middle East ,if the fighting flare up ,american will suffer worse casualty than they did in any war ,this is why american troops always exercise restraint on these issues

luis l

usa is dangerous?to destroy ?

Crystal G

As an American I want war with no one. I don't want my people to have to die to defend us. I don't know anyone that wants a war. So your question or statement should be reworded. To Politics and government. NO ONE WANTS WAR. NOT the people anyways.


Yeah, riiiiiight....