Local business accusing me of being a troll for leaving bad review, is this rational?

I remember a week ago leaving a Google review on a local elderly person s caretaking apartment on how some of the staff had verbally abused some of the residents with manipulation, apparently a official responded to my review (Since Goggle no longer does annon reviews) accusing me of "Trolling" and that my opinion on the case "Doesn t count" for my old username not having my real name in it, is this even proper behavior for a company?


I my opinion is it proper behavior for a legit company. No. If what you say had merits well of coarse they are going to cast doubt on you and call you a troll. If you have facts Report it to Govt that regulates those types of businesses. schitt rolls downhill as they say. Or even better send it to media and put in the front page. Legit companies love media. Garbage companies hate media spotlights Then let em know don't call someone a troll when they have facts backing it up.

ron h

if you're in the US, call your state or county department of aging (or some such name) Talk to them about the behavior you've seen. No matter how angry you are, don't exaggerate.