My Post Office takes forever to deliver mail, will getting a PO Box help?

My Post Office takes forever to deliver mail, will a PO Box help? I live in a small town bordering a large city. Mail takes weeks sometimes to be delivered by my small town post office . Will getting a PO Box 20 mins away help?I do not want my local office to handle any mail. If I do the PO Box, will get sorted in a large facility and then sent to my PO Box and never reach my local office? I get mail most days BUT random letters and such may reach me weeks after the date of the letter and I do confirm with these companies when they get mailed.


It'll help only if the delay in delivery is actually by your post office. The time for your mail to reach your post office will be the same no matter how you ultimately get your mail: box or delivery. So if the delay occurs after your mail reaches the post office, maybe your mail will get into the box a tad sooner than if it's delivered to your home. But then the delay might be when you have to go pick up that mail from the PO box.

Ron Akia

Your mail would probably be put into your P. O. Box several times daily as it arrives although it would not be delivered. You'd have to go pick it up.


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Happy Gramps

something is not right.............either you are trying to be funny, or you don't get out much...........mail is delivered each business day + Saturdays