To all lyft driver in Chicago?

I being having issue with lyft where im just driving for 15 mins or more and i barely get any ride request. There's slow nights. I do uber but i wanna switch to lyft bcuz i enjoy it more. So im asking to all lyft driver in Chicago that could help me. How do u guys do it? Im doing Uber n i see lyft driver driving im like do they make money bcuz when i do lyft i dont make the money i make with uber. So any tips or guide what days to do lyft and time n place. Please i wanna make lyft my number one

Richard: This is not a question

This is not a question: it is a rant.


You are making money with Uber but you want to drive with Lyft when Lfyt drivers in your area are not making any money. You need to get your head examined. Maybe you have PTSD.